We made five full-length videos plus uploading a host of various live videos. Our most popular video is the Giant Isopods song, made to the original version rather than the faster, rockier album one, but all of them are pretty special.

The Final Gig.

Joe's new HD camcorder was on hand to capture the whole event, courtesy of our friend Aaron's camerawork. He did interviews before and after the show with the help of our friend pxpl of Pop-Art fame. The gig's in parts 2-5, with part 1 all interviews and some extra interviews at the end of part 5.

A Lurking Fear

We got our friends from [pockets] to star in this film. It's probably one of our best efforts. The song is on our "I'll Give You A Buck If You Chuck Chuck Yeager Under The Chin" EP - see the Releases section for more information. There's a bigger version on Facebook, as before.

Giant Isopods Ate My Well-Known Brand of Corn Chips

Here it is, the video to the song we've got coming out on the Songs About Giant Isopods compilation, full information here:

There's a bigger version on our FaceBook page if you're a member of Facebook. Just search for Pocus Whiteface and you'll find our page in there.

Now We're Making Out

Originally by Brontosaurus Chorus, we covered this one for the PopArt charity album 'Covered at Christmas'. This video was made by overlaying our version on a performance of the song by Brontosaurus Chorus. We had to speed the footage up by about 8% and because our version lacks the extended solo section there's a slightly dodgy fade/cut there to make it fit. The result is quite something. So, enjoy our sounds and their visuals.

This Room Spins

We made this one in the rehearsal room and also in my bedroom, filming all the bits separately and chopping them together.

But It's Home

We recorded this in the rehearsal rooms. Probably hard to see but there's various amounts of audio tape, cobwebs and dust all over us. Took a few hours to record and then Joe spent a few weeks editing it together after that.

A Beach, a Flag, a Doctrine

Theo put this one together in his room during spare time over a couple of months, his first attempt at stop motion animation. The video is meant to tell the story of the song, except for the opening, which is just a still frames from the construction of the set (obviously).

You're Shit But We Like You Like That

An old live take of the song from our third gig, at The Bull & Gate. It's got some good angles on it but we play it better now. You can download the song from our Music Tracks section.