Pocus Whiteface released one single, two EPs and an album, plus a three sets of demos, a handful of covers and appeared on three compilations, covering downloads, 7" vinyl, 10" vinyl, tape, CD and CDR.

Most of the physical items are still available if you have a burning desire to own them and some downloads will cost you a little bit of money.


CD, Download

Pocus Whiteface image
We toyed with a few names in our familar weird style and then Jack Mountain suggested 'Reals' and we liked that.

The artwork is courtesy of Will's GIMP skills, and you can download a large-scale version here: Album Artwork Full Size. All of these were recorded fresh, even though four have had incidentally releases in one form or another before, and they're all sounding much much much better here because Joe really went to town this time and pulled out all the stops.

You can buy it for $5 from or you can get it at iTunes and from EMusic here:

Buy from Bandcamp!

Unreleased Demos


Before Pocus ended we had two finished songs that never made it onto an official release and never got a final recording. However, we have some decent demo versions of them from our rehearsals and they're presented here on this download.

We've also included the two songs from Demo #2 that never got an official release.
Unreleased Demos

I'll Give You A Buck If You Chuck Chuck Yeager Under The Chin EP


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So finally the CD version of the Chuck Yeager EP has arrived. It's a proper CD from a glass master and everything and the packaging is this clever folding cardboard thing that looks really sweet. The only slight flaw is the mastering has somehow swapped around the last two tracks so Keeps You From Mine is before A Lurking Fear. Only a small issue, though. We'll be giving it away at gigs where you have to pay to get in or charging £2 (+ £1 P+P in the UK) otherwise.

Bing It On! 2008 (Deleted)


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This was a compilation CD of bands playing 2008's Bing It On! gig and so we have a track on it. Only 100 were made maybe but whatever the number they all got snapped up on the night.

I'll Give You A Buck If You Chuck Chuck Yeager Under The Chin EP - Ultra Limited 10-inch


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It's finally here. The fabled ultra-limited 10" of our new ep, I'll Give You A Buck If You Chuck Chuck Yeager Under The Chin. The CD will come later but this is the really impressive thing. It's got a cloth bag, hand-sewn by our friend Kelly; artwork again by Will; and once more Doug Shearer mastered it all...but this time he also HAND LATHED the things.

Only 15 of these have been made and we're only selling 10 of them. They're £10 each, which is a lot but they probably cost us about £18 each to make. They include a CD version, a DVD of our videos (see the Videos page for details) and a sheet explaining how they come to exist at all plus some lyric information on the songs.

POP-ART: Covered at Christmas


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PopArt club's Christmas charity album with the concept that bands who'd played PopArt covered songs by other bands that played PopArt. We covered 'Now We're Making Out' by Brontosaurus Chorus. It's a great album and worth donating a bit to download for sure.

Full track listing:
1. Mr Solo - Single (Luxembourg)
2. MJ Hibbett and the Validators - Songs About You (Language Of Flowers)
3. Pocketbooks - Talking Backwards (Fanfarlo)
4. Pocus Whiteface - Now We're Making Out (Brontosaurus Chorus)
5. Candythief - Wat U See Is Wat U Get (Milk Kan)
6. Brontosaurus Chorus - Cruel Thing (Laurel Collective)
7. The Sexual Hot Bitches – Burn Koko (Subliminal Girls)
8. Monica Queen - Lips Are Unhappy (Lucky Soul)
9. Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - Vladimir (the Indelicates)
10. Metro Corskol feat. PhoeniX Phil - Love = Mutually Assured Destruction (Atoms For Peace)
Link to PopArt Download Page

Giant Isopod Album

Internet Download

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This was a worthy idea that lay in mothballs for over a year. But now it's finally here! We did a song for it that we've played pretty much every gig since and we're re-recording it for the album. The video is also massively popular, using this original take of the song. Anyway, check the link below for full details.

While it was originally to be on CD it's now a download, with a request that you donate, if you feel inclined, to a Marine charity. Yada yada yada. Read Andy Pagan Wanderer Lu's full explanation about the album and download it from the link below.
Isopod Album Information & Download

Silver Rocket SR100 CD


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This is the Silver Rocket 100 compilation CD and we're on there along with a large portion of the bands we've played with or admire. We've put Pound the Flesh on there but in a new, faster, louder, differenter mix. These are only £8 for 72 songs over three CDs and as you can see, come in a rather impressive presentation box (click the image to enlarge). You can either buy them from us at gigs or check the Silver Rocket website for more info.

Full tracklisting is as follows:


1. Silent Front - Bad Machine 2. 3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners - (The) ASBO Generation 3. The Get-Outs - Beer Can 4. Montana Pete - I Fucked A Nazi In The War 5. Joeyfat - Last Checked 13:15 6. Kyote - Instincts 7. Billy Mahonie - Music For Eating Musicians 8. Lords - Cheap Sunglasses 9. Optimist Club - Red Wizard Is About To Die 10. Big Joan - Here Comes The Flood 11. LoneLady - Intuition 12. The International - Don't Do That Lad 13. Black Black - 80's Sci-Fi Movie 14. Soeza - Ladislav Novak 15. Econoline - Nailed To The Mast 16. The Fontanelles - Extasy 17. Citizens Here and Abroad - Strangers 18. Meet Me in St Louis - The Torso Was Severed In Mid-Thorax 19. Collapse - Apes Ape 20. Geisha - Stop Talking - Let's Fuck 21. This Ain’t Vegas - I Picked A Fight With A Fragile Mind 22. Eiger - Dance Of The Seven Veils 23. Future Corpses - Can I Borrow Your Brand New Pocket Calculator? 24. Victory at Sea - To You And Me


1. Sonicflyer - Sun In My Pocket 2. 65daysofstatic - The Major Cities of the World Are Being Destroyed One By One By The Monsters (Skin Of The Horse's Teeth Version) 3. Reynolds - Hello My Name Is Paul 4. Upcdowncleftcrightcabcandstart - In Crept Long Tears 5. Underground Railroad - Singing Ghost Friend 6. The Phil Collins 3 - Chicken Nutsack 7. Charlottefield - Nine Tails 8. October All Over - Three Witches 9. Stinking Lizaveta - Indomitable Will 10. Cove - Show Me Your Nature 11. Mugstar - Good Posture vs Bad Posture 12. Nøught - Wet Sex Anaesthetic 13. Lower Forty-Eight - Seventh Sight 14. Fixit Kid - Pork 15. Twinkie - The Sun Is Warm, The Grass Is Green 16. Like a Stuntman - Not My Pigeon 17. Reigns - Mirrors At Night 18. Superman Revenge Squad - Been A Private Detective For 17 Months 19. You Judas - It Started In The Mind Then Jumped From Body To Body 20. Thousand Natural Shocks - Tear Your Wings 21. Skiptracer - Rock Before Rocky


1. Finlay - Home 2. St Deluxe - Stop Begin 3. Hey! Colossus - HMS Colossus 4. The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers - Cease To Exist 5. Motorbikes - No-Ninja Man 6. Pocus Whiteface - Pound the Flesh (SR mix) 7. Free Diamonds - To Russia With Love 8. Popular Workshop - Channels 9. Nosferatu D2 - A Footnote 10. Epideme - Ex-Crown 11. An Emergency - "I Don't Think Tom Cruise Is Real" 12. Hunting Lodge - Hero Of The Beach 13. Gin Palace - Mind 14. Meets Guitar/Jet Johnson - Last Night I Dreamt 15. Hunter's Loaf - Kraut Quo 16. Last of the Real Hardmen - Me vs The Combine 17. That Fucking Tank - Owl End 18. The Sailplanes - Photograph The Past 19. Swimsuit Issue - Pretending… 20. Spraydog - Talk To 21. Decoration - Only A Plague Can Stop Us Now 22. F.O.Machete - We Meet We Like We Dive 23. Instruments - Bright Eyes Make For Good Dogs 24. Tiger Force - We Start The Fires That Stop Fires 25. Trencher - Nightmares On Crack St 26. The Mass - Fat Cobra 27. [pockets] - Too Many Variables
Silver Rocket MySpace

The Covers Project


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Pocus Whiteface did eight covers over the course of three years, and five of them got played live. We've collected them here in one download.

The first covers we did were I'm Her Slave and Territorial Pissings for the SubPopArt club night. After that we thought it would be fun to cover un-Pocus like songs by bands we knew and to this end we decided to cover Junkplanet II's song 'The Half Life' and Dino!Soars' 'The Stomp in the Swamp'. These were never played live.

The one cover not in this collection is Brontosaurus Chorus' 'Now We're Making Out', but this is on the charity download-only album 'Covered At Christmas' (scroll up the page). You can also see a video of the band playing this with our version overdubbed 'skillfully' on the videos page.

In March 2008 we covered two Neil Young songs but due to the recording in the rehearsal what's presented here are the live versions from that night so the sound's a little compressed. We had Raul with us playing drums and Joe is playing lead guitar on these tracks. We also covered our own song But It's Home with Raul drumming and Joe playing lead guitar and that's included here.

Later that month we did a terrible cover, terrible cover of Supergrass' 'Lenny' for BritPopArt. You can find a video of that performance on line but included here is the really bad studio version we did in the rehearsal.

So the link below will give you a zip file containing all eight tracks. Note that we got the lyrics wrong for The Half Life: our only defence is that's what they sounded like on the much like that we never even bothered to check if they were correct. Oops.
The Covers Project Download

I think we should commit it to tape.(Deleted)

C90 Cassette

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Click on the image to enlarge. This is an audio cassette release comprising 11 songs taken from our first year of rehearsal recordings for no other reason than we liked the idea of putting some of these early and strange takes out. It's only going to be put out on audio cassette and, unless there's a weird overwhelming demand, there will only ever be 10 copies made. Each tape is 90 mins long with the same ~43 minute recording on each side. The tracks are mostly the best recordings from the first time we attempted a song in rehearsal, including a few extra-long versions of normally short songs and one little piece that we never got together as a proper song.

Theo says: "The title comes from a story a friend of mine told of recording his band's last album in either the late 60s or early 70s. Unfortunately I can't really do it justice here in print. Maybe you'll meet him and he'll tell it to you himself. It's funny, I assure you."

But It's Home / This Room Spins 7-inch


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This is a heavyweight black vinyl release in a paper sleeve, inside a card sleeve, with some great artwork, designed by Will. There's a CD enclosed which has the audio and MP3 versions of the tracks on it, plus the MP3s of the 'A Watch Means Conditions Are Favourable' EP as a bonus.

You can now buy this from Norman Records(link below). Or you can come to gigs where it'll be no more than £3 to purchase...
Norman Records

Demo #2 (Deleted)


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The second demo was available for download from this site or from Last.FM but we've now deleted it. We also give it away free at gigs, if we have any copies with us.

A Watch Means Conditions Are Favourable EP


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Hremig contacted us through MySpace soon after we put recordings up to see if we would record a free internet-only EP release for the label. We re-recorded five of the tracks from the original demo and then added a bonus track from an early rehearsal that we'd never developed.

All tracks plus artwork can be downloaded from their site. Please contact us if you have any trouble.
Download FREE from Hremig