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Over the course of 3 years and 2 months Pocus Whiteface played 48 gigs.

Previous Shows

17th October 2009 - 8pm

The Constitution, 42 St Pancras Way, NW1 0QT

Pocus Whiteface image

It's a sad day but this will be our LAST ever gig.

Yokozuna and Pocus Whiteface go way back in a 'Rock Family Tree' type of way so it's great to get a chance to play with them finally. This will be at the great pub that is the Constitution on St. Pancras Way in Camden. It'll be dark and loud and great. With some really nice beer.

Full details are: £2 Entry
Headline: Cutthroat Convention Last.FM | Cutthroat Convention MySpace

Middle: Yokozuna (think Superchunk meets Sonic Youth) Yokozuna MySpace

First up: US!!!

Doors at 8pm - just the three bands - but the pub's big and friendly so you can hang out there if you're early. We should be on at 8.30.

The venue is found on this Google maps page: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=NW1+0QT,+United+Kingdom&ie=UTF8&om=1&iwloc=addr

We've finished an album and we'll be giving it away.
This Japanese Guy is OK (The Yokozuna website)

12th September 2009 - 7pm

The Grosvenor, Stockwell, 17 Sidney Road, SW9 0TP

Promoters Rotten Luck are putting this one on. We're playing with some bands we like and some bands we don't know but are sure to like them:
  • Chickenhawk (Album Launch)
  • silent front
  • nitkowski
  • ivy’s itch

Rotten Luck MySpace

7th August 2009 - 7.30pm

Cross Kings in King's Cross

This one's a Friday night at the Cross Kings over in Kings Cross, courtesy of the rather lovely Semiconductor Archives (MySpace Link).

Line up is as follows:
  • Carnations - 10:55
  • Pocus Whiteface - 10:20
  • Ofelia Dorme - 9:45
  • The Conservatives - 9:10
  • hANK - 8:35
  • Quiet Choir - 8:00

This gig will be UPSTAIRS.
Cross Kings Website

22nd July 2009 - 7pm

Bush Hall

Pocus Whiteface image
This should be pretty special as Bush Hall is quite a venue. We're playing with our good friends Tessellators - tessellators.com and a band called The Rifle Volunteer and it should be great. There's also a rather amazing flyer that's been done for the event.

Bush Hall is at 310 Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush. The link to the venue should give directions.

Tickets can be bought here: WeGotTickets and here: TicketWeb, where they're £6. It'll be £5 on the night with a flyer or £7 otherwise so we'll make sure we have plenty of flyers.
Bush Hall Website

18th June 2009 - 7.30pm

The Camden Head, Camden, NW1 0LU

The Camden Head pub is in Camden, not in Angel. There is a (very nice) pub in Angel called the Camden Head but we're playing the one in Camden, which is opposite where Woolworth's used to be at 100 Camden High Street. Should be £4 or £3 if you buy in advance here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/52282.

Bands are:
  • 9.30pm: POCUS WHITEFACE (Hey, that's us!)
  • 8.45pm: THE GOODTIMES

We don't know what The Goodtimes sound like but Helmholtz Resonators reminded us of Man Man when we played with them on Good Friday and The Ehtical Debating Society with rip your face off with Sleater-Kinney tinged art noise.

21st May 2009 - 8.00pm

The Grosvenor, Stockwell, SW9 0TP

We're back at the Grosvenor. It's been a while but thanks to the Semiconductor Archives (MySpace Link) we've been invited back. It's a good little venue just off Stockwell Road, sort of midway between Stockwell Tube and Brixton Academy: Beer in the Evening info.

Bands playing are (Headliners first)
Danny Roulette

Prince Katoco


Pocus Whiteface
(yeah, us)

10th April 2009 - 4.30pm

Brixton Windmill

Pocus Whiteface image
Okay so this is a big gig. We're playing [b]BAD FRIDAY[/b] at the Windmill in Brixton. Here's the important stuff:
  • It's Good Friday
  • We're on stage at 5.15pm
  • There's a free barbeque from 4.30pm
  • There are loads of good bands after us

We open our doors around 4.30pm or so.
There will be a free BBQ from around 4.30-7pm or UNTIL IT RUNS OUT (get there early).


Here are the bands thus far. Running order tbc:

The Laurel Collective
... hail from Scotland, England, Wales, Nigeria and Italy. The Laurel Collective play a schitzophrenic range of pop as diverse as their backgrounds. Fronted by the contrasting vocal styles of Martin Sakutu and Bob Tollast, their live shows are fast becoming the stuff of legend. Franz Ferdinand make music for girls to dance to - The Laurel Collective make music for girls to eat cake to. So come to a show. And let them eat cake.
Laurel Collective's MySpace

Black Daniel
... so say Clash magazine, "bring a considerable humour, fun, and a sense of abandon to their distinguished, Primal Scream-esque rock shenanigans and their reputation is beginning to develop accordingly."
Black Daniel MySpace

Defend Moscow
... are receiving love from the Guardian to Popjustice. Despite being labelmates with The Wombats, Defend Moscow are closer to the unashamed pop of Alphabeat.
Defend Moscow's MySpace

I Am Vexed
... are two brothers from Godalming, Surrey who cite their influences as "holiday programmes (ones we can't name cos we'll get battered), children's books Albert And The Lion, my very first poetry book, and the Beano Annual 2000." They remind us a little of Art Brut buggering early Blur.
I Am Vexed...on MySpace

... is Daniel Hills and Willard deWitt. A Jew and a Welshman. Dan plays drums and sings. Willard plays guitars. They make scatty beats with a mixture of tropical guitar and heavy riffs.
Friendship on MySpace

Sunny Day Sets Fire
... have a collective geography that spans the globe, easily living up to their moniker and revealing a new depth and dark beauty to their unique brand of hook-laden psych pop on their recently released debut album Summer Palace. "They must be wizards" - NME
Sunny Day Sets Fire MySpace

Helmholtz Resonators
... are musicians who have been playing and writing music together since meeting at university around the turn of the century. They studied acoustic science and the work of Hermann Helmholtz, particularly being inspired by the book 'On the wires of our nerves' which is essential reading for anyone interested in the science of sound and sound synthesis. The formula = bass + drums + organ x 3 / 3. Fantastic, industrial, robotic Tim Burton soundtracks performed with gusto and no little glee.
Helmholtz Resonators MySpace

The Ethical Debating Society
"Lo-fi thrashy riot grrrl...on a budget."
Their MySpace

Pocus Whiteface (hey, that's us!)
... describe themselves as, simply, "loud drums, loud bass, loud guitar, some shouting, no metal" and sound somewhere between The Fall, Shellac, Fugazi, Mclusky, Sonic Youth, Wire, and Gang of Four.

Facebook Event Page
Windmill's Website

28th March 2009 - 7pm

Marie Lloyd Bar

Right, first band at 8.30ish, second at 9.30ish. There'll be us playing an Uncle Pedro, who are amazing. The venue is the Marie Lloyd bar in the Hackney Empire, which you can see as you pass it on the street: Moving up in the world!

3rd March 2009 - 8pm

The Miller, London Bridge

Pocus Whiteface image
We're back with another amazing gig with Jack Mountain. This one features:

It's either got the makings of a terrific Canadian Rockies-based farce or a brilliant gig. Or both. Should be £4 in, so one pound per band. Amazing.
The Miller Website

7th February 2009 - 4pm

Notting Hill Arts Club

Okay, we're putting this one ourselves with iShotTheDeputy.com.

We've got four bands for you playing between 4pm and 8pm and it's FREE to get in. Between the bands music will be provided by iShotTheDeputy and Boy Howdy from Hired Geeks and Oroku Saki.

Headlining are the amazing Action Beat who have anything from 6-9 members and hail from Milton Keynes. According to their MySpace they sound like, "Raping de-tuned guitars. Abusing old drum kits. Molesting golden Basses. Dean Gaffney," or maybe Dean Gaffney once descrbed them as sounding like, "Raping de-tuned guitars. Abusing old drum kits. Molesting golden Basses." There's definitely some of that and there are also some great tunes that Sonic Youth would be proud to own. They'll be fantastic in any case.
Action Beat Myspace

Before them will be the rock antithesis in terms of instrumentation, the two-pice that is Jack Mountain. Jack Mountain's music varies from Smog-like, fuzzed up folky numbers, to Hot Snakes style garage rock noise. He'll have Bow Howdy on drums so we're expecting a set that leans towards the latter. All Jack Mountain's music is free and there are four albums to download if you've the time. Alternatively you can see what he's got to give away at the gig because the CDs are professional stuff.
Jack Mountain's Website

Then it's us, Pocus Whiteface. You know what we sound like.

Stairs to Korea is a new one-man outfit from singer in Horsebox which means he has 'pedigree' and, like with dogs, pedigree counts for a lot in music. The performance apparently utilises, "a guitar-synth, harmoniser and backing track". There was only one track to listen to on MySpace and that sounded pleasingly like Super Furry Animals.
Stairs to Korea MySpace

Did we mention it was FREE already? Yeah, probably...
RoTa MySpace

16th January 2009 - 8pm

The Buffalo Bar

Okay, we've done this before but it's always a pleasure. It's time to play Silver Rocket again and by gum we'll have a good time because we're playing with the amazing Uncle Pedro who we love and played with last year at the Opposition T night.

There's also a band called Lakes and another called Dredlunadare who we don't know much about.

We're on 2nd which probably means about 9ish. Get on the Silver Rocket mailing list for a discount into the club, yeah. Silver Rocket Website.
Silver Rocket on MySpace

7th January 2009 - 19:00

The Water Rats

This gig has an unlimited £3 guest list but you'll need to tell us in advance of the gig. Otherwise it's £8 to get in, which is a lot! On stage at 7.15pm sharp!

We're playing with Muarena Helena, Piper Sail and Cattiva.
Big City Redneck

14th December 2008 - 3.00pm

The Hope & Anchor

Pocus Whiteface image
This is the 3rd year for Bing It On (well, that we know of) - two floors and half a day's worth of Christmas entertainment at the Hope & Anchor on upper street, of which we are one of many acts. The following acts will be playing:
  • We Are Physics
  • Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama
  • Gamages Model Train Club
  • Alice Gun
  • Brontosaurus Chorus
  • College Pinks
  • And us of course

There will be fun and games and all things Christmassy for the simple price of £5. Mike, the doors are at 1500 hours; everyone else it's 3pm. See you there.
The Pssst! Collective Website

10th December 2008 - 8pm

The Miller

Pocus Whiteface image

We're back at The Miller again. Seems to be a popular venue. And this time it's for friends of the Tooting Bizarre collective the amazing Mayors of Miyazaki, who are promoting their new album 'Buffalo'. The Mayors of Miyazaki are also playing along with 50 ft Panda.

You can download the album from their website: http://mayorsofmiyazaki.com/sounds.htm and we can assure you it's worthwhile. This is a great sounding record for sure.

Things kick off at 8pm and apparently we're on 2nd and door tax will be £3.
Mayors of Miyazaki's Website

8th September 2008 - 7.30pm

The Windmill, Brixton

We're back at Brixton's best venue, the wonderful Windmill. This gig's been organised by Superman Revenge Squad and stars our friend Jack Mountain, last seen spinning discs for us at the Good Ship show with Tessellators that we did in July.

It's going to start out with some acoustic sounds from SRS and move up through Jack Mountain and KTD (a two-piece) to us being loud and noisy. Who can't appreciate that, eh?

Apparently our set list was:
  1. Reals
  2. Dr. Emery's 1st Law of Arse
  3. Giant Isopods Ate My Well-Known Brand of Corn Chips
  4. Quiet Time Before Thunder
  5. Big Red
  6. 1000 Fans
  7. Hair Like Gold
  8. A Lurking Fear
  9. Keeps You From Mine
Superman Revenge Squad

28th August 2008 - 7.30pm

The Bull & Gate

Pocus Whiteface image
We're playing a gig for the ever wonderful people at Opposition T magazine, an online list of great reviews and stuff.

We're playing with a pretty special line up too:
  • Uncle Pedro - Headlining
  • Gin Panic
  • Giant Paw
  • Pocus Whiteface <--- Us, obviously.

It's a fiver with the flyer.
The Bull & Gate Website

6th August 2008 - 7pm

The Miller, London Bridge

Pocus Whiteface image
We're playing a gig for Dead Billy who are also Lost Music or part of Lost Music or something... Anyway, the point is they're good.

Bands playing are:
  • Headline: EPIDEME - An amazing band.
  • Palehorse - no idea but chances are they're good because...
  • Scul Hazzards - Brisbane band over here on tour with all the right influences
  • US - on first at 8pm

It's at The Miller again, which is located behind the hospital behind London Bridge station - there's a road going directly down the middle of the two leading right there, on Snowsfields Street.
Last.FM Event

3rd July 2008 - 7.30pm

The Good Ship

Pocus Whiteface image
We're putting another night of bands on and this time it's at The Good Ship, which is over in Kilburn (289 Kilburn High Road, NW6 7JR, to be exact). This night's bands are:

Us: We're headlining.

Tessellators: Tessellators are the interface between catchy, immediate songs and the sort of wild ideas that a muso's dreams are made of. Or to put it another way they provide "warped pop music packed with melodies and frequent left-turns and sing songs of adventure on the sea and in the city, with plans to release 3 themed EPs within a 2 year period (2 down, one to go)". We can confirm that both those EPs are amazing and if you don't believe us here's a link to their MySpace so you can hear for yourself: http://myspace.com/tessellators

The Tupolev Ghost: The Tupolev Ghost are a post-hardcore/post-rock band that owe a lot more to the catchiness of Hot Snakes and At the Drive-In than that tired label might suggest. Their second (fantastic sounding) EP has just been released by Disjuncture records and they'll be travelling all the way down from Cambridge to join us so make them feel welcome. Their MySpace is: http://myspace.com/thetupolevghost

Oroku Saki: Named after the real name of TMNT's Shredder, they've never been heard by anyone and never performed live before. As such we can offer you no description or link to their music but we love them and we trust them to amaze us.

Entry will be £5. Doors at 7.30pm.
The Good Ship's Website

20th June 2008 - 8.00pm

The Buffalo Bar

Silver Rocket at the Buffalo Bar, featuring:

This should be AMAZING. Of course.
Silver Rocket MySpace

10th June 2008 - 7.30pm

The Good Ship, Kilburn

Pocus Whiteface image
We're proud to be playing the Good Ship for Silent Night, the Paul Hawkins and Thee Awkward Silences night. Theo recently made a video for Paul's song "The Bigger Bone", which you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdio-eHNSBo.

We'll be playing with:

Q Without U - DrownedinSound claimed "Their zingy '70s psychedelic-pop buzzes like a Super Furry-fuelled electro generator supervised by Mark E. Smith."

You & Me - "Moldy Peaches-influenced London antifolk duo singing sweet, enchanting pop."

Apparently our set list was:
  1. Giant Isopods Ate My Well-Known Brand of Corn Chips
  2. Dr. Emery's 1st Law of Arse
  3. Time Machines May Be Dangerous for your Mental Health
  4. Big Red
  5. 1000 Fans
  6. The Joys of an English Summer's Day
  7. Hair Like Gold
  8. A Lurking Fear
  9. Keeps You From Mine

Silent Night Website

27th May 2008 - 7.30pm

The Miller Pub, London Bridge

Pocus Whiteface image
This is the fourth gig night we've put on now (two previous at The Pool and one at the Enterprise), riding right at the end of May. It should be £5 entry. The other bands playing are:

Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element will be playing to support their latest release and you can buy their album right now from Field Records. It's great stuff.

You Me The Switch are an amazing melodic instrumental band. A bit post-rock but no quiet-loud-quiet-LOUD clichés; a bit mathy but no complicated muso-ness... You'll like 'em, is what we're trying to say.

Ripping Yarns star Ian and Daniel, who are/have been in EYE HAI, Econoline, Model Village, Ellie Walker & the Group Hugs, Blackhorse, Hey Colossus and Jet Johnson. Wow. Anyway, expect some amazing two-piece rock with that sort of back catalogue!

The Miller pub website can be found here: TheMiller.co.uk
Google Map Link to The Miller

23rd March 2008 - 2pm

The Battersea Barge

Pocus Whiteface image
Okay, after a gig of Neil Young covers we're doing one of Brit-Pop covers, possibly a strange choice for Pocus, to be sure, but who cares? Come down and enjoy the fun of a floating venue for an excellent gig with our friends at Pop-Art.
Bands as follows:
  • Pete Green @ 4pm
  • Goodbye Lenin
  • MJ Hibbett & The Validators
  • Pocus Whiteface
  • Sexual Hot Bitches
  • Their Hearts Were Flil Of Spring
  • PopArt Allstars @ 10pm

We're on about 7pm. See you there.

The important information about finding the barge is here: Nine Elms Lane, SW8 5BP, behind the Fed Ex Building. It's not far but just far enough that you might begin to suspect you've missed it.
Battersea Barge Website

2nd March 2008 - 5:00pm

The Windmill, Brixton

So here it is, a night themed around the amazing Neil Young where every band will play a couple of covers. He's playing but it's £60 to see the legend so this gig's a little cheaper: It'll be a fiver on the door and starting at 5pm.

Bands are:
  • Jason McNiff (10.15)
  • Wet Paint (9.30)
  • Jim Clements and the Right To Die (8.45)
  • Pocus Whiteface (8.00)
  • 4 or 5 Magicians (7.15)
  • TJ and Ollie (6.30)
The On Fire myspace Page

27th February 2008 - 8:00pm

The Bullett Bar (formerly the Verge), Kentish Town

So we're back again with our friends from Colossus at another free night at the Verge. Here's the line up:

Google Maps Link

22nd February 2008 - 7:00pm

The George 2nd, Luton

The George 2nd pub is apparently located right next to Luton Train station. The full addres is: George 2nd, Bute St, Luton LU1 2EY.

We're playing this gig with PLEASE, who we don't know anything about, and Wander Phantom, who are great.

Not sure much more about it at the moment.
Map to the pub

31st December 2007 - 7pm

The Bull & Gate

We're playing the Silver Rocket New Year's Eve bash. Should be a good one. (It was.)
Silver Rocket Website

25th November 2007 - 7pm

The 12-Bar Club (Denmark St.)

This is a £3 entry night at the famous 12-Bar Club and we'll be the first of five bands on, taking to the stage at 7.15pm sharp.

21st October 2007 - 8pm

Windmill Brixton

Pocus Whiteface image
The Windmill is a great venue and we're excited to be playing there...even more so because we're playing with Bearcub who we played with back on Guy Fawkes night last year. They're fantastic and Tim's sorting out a good line up all round so it should be a great gig.

Looks like the middle band is Codes in the Clouds. You can read about them and Bearcub and buy tickets here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/22597 - £3 a pop.
The Windmill Website

14th October 2007 - 5pm

Jrink on Frith Street

Pocus Whiteface image
This is at a new venue (formerly buddha bar), on Frith Street, playing for the PSSST! Collective. We're headlining:
  • Pocus Whiteface
  • Gamages Model Train Club
  • Deepcut
  • College Pinks
Pssst! MySpace

26th September 2007 - 7pm

The Bullet Bar (formerly The Verge)

Pocus Whiteface image
This is a FREE gig with our friends Colossus at the Bullet Bar, formerly The Verge. Inside the place hasn't really changed much except that the drinks are more expensive, I'd imagine.

We're playing with:
  • THE SELF - 10.30
  • COLOSSUS - 10
  • TOM MCQUEEN - 9.30
  • BEN SHAW - 9
  • DRYRISER - 8.30

We're on first at 8pm sharp!
Google Maps Link

14th September 2007 - 8pm

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Pocus Whiteface image
Silver Rocket club, as per usual but this time in Camden and on the 2nd Friday, for a bit of variety. We're playing supporting the rather special Reigns - even if you have no sound you should check out their website and the 'Portal' section, it's really something. Also playing is Superman Revenge Squad, who is Ben formerly of the fantastic Nosferatu D2 and of Tempertwig. First band on at 9pm and then we're on sharp at 9.45.

Map to the Enterprise: Google Maps
Silver Rocket Club

23rd August 2007 - 8pm

The Living Bar, Brixton

Pocus Whiteface image
Okay, we're playing a FREE gig in Brixton for Tooting Bizarre. There are going to be great acts on all night. We're on first at about 8.15pm. We're playing with:

mayors of miyazaki

It's free. I think that's everything.

14th August 2007 - 7pm

The Pool Bar, Curtain Road, EC2A 3AH

Pocus Whiteface image
We're putting a gig on at the Pool Bar on Tuesday 14th. It's going to be us and VeeeDeee who are over from Tokyo for a tour of this fine country. They sound like Lightning Bolt with patches of brooding soundscapes and riffage. As well as those guys, we have HEAPY playing their noisy, garage rock madness and our friend Tim Holehouse should also be doing a set. He's leaving Lahndahn Tahn early in September so it's one of your last chances to catch his blending of loops, folk, noise and general guitar inventiveness.
The Pool Bar Website

26th July 2007 - 8pm

The Bull and Gate

Pocus Whiteface image
Opposition T, a rather wonderful gig guide and review magazine site have asked us to play their night at the Bull & Gate. Bands playing are:

Striplight (10.45)
Lilygun (10.00)
Stay Puff (9.15)

We're on first at 8.30. This isn't your normal Bull & Gate night - Opposition T have picked all the bands based on their quality so it's going to be worth your cash to be there.
The Bull and Gate website

13th July 2007 - 7pm

Lark in the Park

Pocus Whiteface image
This is the 3-day Pop-Art festival. This is the BIG ONE. We're headlining Friday and you'll be able to buy single day tickets or full weekend ones. We recommend the latter because there are some great bands playing this one:

  • Pocus Whiteface
  • MJ Hibbett
  • Ten Foot Nun
  • Gamages Model Train Club

  • Le Band Extraordinaire
  • Zebedy Rays
  • Pocketbooks
  • Gresham Flyers
  • Swimsuit Issue
  • Bicycle Thieves
  • The Indelicates
  • And What Will Be Left of Them?

  • Roundabout City
  • The Spells
  • Sexual Hot Bitches
  • The School
  • Outside Royalty
  • The Laurel Collective

Set list for this gig was:
  1. Dr. Emery
  2. Big Red
  3. Joe Knows Nothing
  4. Quiet Time
  5. Aardvark BBQ
  6. Uncle Jack
  7. A Lurking Fear
  8. Pound The Flesh
  9. Keeps You From Mine

The Lark in the Park Website

10th June 2007 - 3pm

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

Pocus Whiteface image
It's another glorious and FREE club from Pop-Art. This time the theme is SubPop and Grunge so it's SubPop-Art. See what they did there? Other bands playing:
  • Gamages Model Train Club
  • Swimsuit Issue
  • Ten Foot Nun
  • Js Rafaeli
  • Jr. Dinosaur Jr. (Dinosaur Jr. covers band)

Plus there'll be the usual fun and japes from Dave Rees and some SubPop-tinged tunes from the Pop-Art guys.
Google Maps Link

23rd May 2007 - 7.30pm


Pocus Whiteface image
Hi, we're playing Turnmills in Farringdon. It's on Clerkenwell Road, round the corner from Farringdon tube, Barbican and Chancery Lane. See here: http://www.turnmills.com/directions.htm.

Other bands playing are:
Vivianne Viveur

We're on 3rd of four, after Urusen and before D.E.A.D. The flyer gets you in a pound cheaper.

Set list for this in the end was:
  1. A Lurking Fear
  2. Pound the Flesh
  3. A Hairy Man Is A Happy Man A Hairy Woman Is A Witch
  4. But It's Home
  5. This Room Spins
  6. Dr. Emery's 1st Law of Arse
  7. Quiet Time Before Thunder
  8. Big Red
  9. Random Bayesian Spam Filter Beater

16th April 2007 - 8pm

The Pool Bar, Curtain Road, Old Street

Pocus Whiteface image
Right, this is our last gig for 6 weeks or so due to holidays. We're putting this one on and we'll have the AWESOME Junkplanet playing along with EXCELLENCE that is Part Rocket. Tax is going to be £3 on the door.
Google Maps Link

31st March 2007 - 7.45pm

The Grosvenor, Stockwell

Pocus Whiteface image
So good, we're playing the Grosvenor twice in a month! It's easy to get to: out of Stockwell tube, walk ahead down Stockwell Road then take a left into Sydney road. It's the work of mere minutes.

And we're on a great line up thanks to Tooting Bizarre:
  • Thumpermonkey
  • Pigshackle
  • Part Rocket
  • Truckers of Husk

Expect a lot of post-rock, post-metal, mathrock, noise, cleverness, etc. It'll be a good night and we'll probably open with a set of mainly brand new and great we assure you, songs.
Google Maps Link

22nd March 2007 - 7.30pm


Pocus Whiteface image
We're playing 'The Lab' at Catch on Kingsland road. It's going to be a two-level large affair and we're down for opening (upstairs). Other bands playing are:

Check the S. Rock Levinson MySpace for up to the minute info. Clearly, it should be a fantastic blast. Don't know what the cost will be as yet but COME ALONG! Oh did we mention it's FREE? Yes. No excuses.
Google Maps Link

8th March 2007 - 8pm

The Grosvenor in Stockwell

Pocus Whiteface image

We're on second at 9pm SHARP: curfew means we can't be hanging around so aim for getting there at least by 8.45. There are two other bands after us and I'm afraid we have no idea what any of them are like so we'll be as surprised on the night as you will...

Bring your flyer because it's £4 with one and £5 otherwise. We'll try to have a load printed so you can hopefully buttonhole us to provide one there and then.
Google Maps Link

20th January 2007 - 4pm

Notting Hill Arts Club

Pocus Whiteface image
Late notice gig on account of Collapse having problems and not being able to make it, which is by no means a good thing since they're totally excellent (see what we mean here: http://www.myspace.com/collapsecollapsecollapse).

Anyway, enough of the sad aspects, the other bands are still playing so you'll still be able to enjoy:
  • Popular Workshop
  • Future Corpses
  • Slowgun

All of these are in the top friends of Silver Rocket on their MySpace here: http://www.myspace.com/silverrocketclub

Arrive by 4.45pm for the bands, everything will be finished by 8pm. And it's FREE goddammit!
Google Maps link to the Notting Hill Arts Club

13th January 2007 - 8pm

The George Tavern, Whitechapel

Pocus Whiteface image
This is a gig for Redheaded Stepchild records (MySpace link) which features:

  • What the Moon is Like - 11.00
  • Nosferatu D2 - 10.20
  • The Sailplanes - 9.50
  • Amy Blue - 9.05
  • Pocus Whiteface (There we are) - 8.20

We're on first as you can see, so arrive early and then you can relax the rest of your Saturday night away in the company of these wonderous people and their music.
Map to the George Tavern

30th December 2006 - 3pm

The Lark in the Park

Pocus Whiteface image
This was a frankly delightful way to prepare for the New Year and all the drinking that might entail. Except for Will who ended up in bed the next night suffering from a stinking cold.

The line up was as follows:

  • And What Will Be Left of Them
  • iDou (ex-Carter USM)
  • Macaca Mulata (ex-Art Brut)
  • Mister Solo (Devant solo project)
  • Pocus Whiteface
  • The Competition

Frankly all the bands were excellent, we played a set that seemed devoid of errors and mistakes and we had a LOT of good beer and company to boot.
Pop Art Website

13th December 2006 - 8.00pm

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Pocus Whiteface image
This was 'the rematch'. Us and [pockets] again, paying them back for giving us our first gig. They also supplied two fantastic bands as support:

Belt Motel http://www.myspace.com/beltmotel

A Child Rasputin http://www.myspace.com/achildrasputin

While we were up against a Drowned in Sound Christmas do with Guillemots and others, somehow we still pulled in a nice audience and had a wonderfully relaxed time. We played at least one new song (Joe Knows Nothing) and Will wore the Ned Kelly mask for as much of the set as he could take the heat of the thing.
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5th November 2006 - 10pm

The Bull & Gate

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Despite us having the lonely headline Sunday night slot, combined with it being Guy Fawkes, we had what can only be considered a great time. Big thanks to Bearcub (who are in our MySpace friends somewhere) for not only being good enough to supply a drum kit, despite being first, but actually turning out to be genuinely a great little instrumental post-rock band.

Second band Brenda had so much equipment it was scary and most of it only arrived during Bearcub's set. I had to run down the road to see a mate's band play so I only caught some of the end of their set. They had a lot of good rhythms going on combined with mad array of special effects: and impressive show.

We played the same eight songs as last time, belting through But It's Home at a stupid speed. We managed to totally screw up the middle of A hairy man... (including some good work from me missing the break) but pulled it back for the end of the set. We got a video of this one and when we can, we'll upload it all to YouTube.

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17th October 2006 - 9.00pm

The Betsey Trotwood

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The second gig. We did eight tracks including the new one You're shit but we like you like that which is streamable in a rough rehearsal mix on MySpace. We started with Pound the Flesh and this time I forgot how to start This Room Spins. This is because I'd unwisely had four pints of Hurliman on an empty stomach and this also accounted for some other screw ups.
The highlight was my mum telling me to turn my guitar up. Oh and us discovering a massive mclusky fan worked behind the bar in the form of a girl called Libby. Awesome to see good taste at work!


12th September 2006 - 8pm

The Macbeth

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The first gig and apart from me forgetting how to start But It's Home and some weird dischordant stuff I didn't want in Big Red it was great. Also it was free, which goes down a treat. [pockets] put this one on and got in Slowgun, Econoline and Birdbath to play too, all of whom are fantastic. Hurrah! A 're-match' with the [pockets] guys is plannned...