About Pocus Whitface and other stuff...

About Pocus Whiteface

Pocus Whiteface were:
  • Joe Scannell: Drums, recording, production
  • Will Heaven: Bass, artwork, design
  • Theo Graham-Brown: Guitar, vocals, coding

They started on 3rd August 2006 and finished on 17th October 2009 or 167 Weeks and 2 days. We rehearsed 119 times, an average of 0.71 rehearsals a week. We played 48 gigs, which is an average of 0.29 gigs a week.

Contacting Pocus Whiteface

If you should need to contact us use: info_at_pocuswhiteface_dot_com but replace _at_ with @ and _dot_ with . (this is what those spam bots force us to do).