The Pocus Whiteface Album is now on Emusic and iTunes


For anyone who's still reading these things the Pocus Whiteface album 'Reals' has now made it onto iTunes and EMusic. You can also get it from a site called Bandcamp where it's possible to download it FLAC form for all you audiophiles.

We've also made stuff at our Last.FM page free to download that wasn't available before and on our website in the releases section ( there are some demos of the final stuff we did that didn't make it to the album plus some covers we did as a single big download.

Thanks for all the support and stuff
Joe, Will, Theo 9th April 2010

Pocus Whiteface Have Now Finished

Thanks to all who came out to see us last night, all of you who changed your plans and pulled out the stops to make sure you were there. We had an amazing time and we hope you did too.

We gave away a lot of music and we videoed the event. At some point in the near future we'll put up links for getting hold of all our songs, either as demos, free downloads or full releases.

Thank you
Pocus Whiteface 18th October 2009

Final gig is tomorrow!

Hey hey,

So a reminder that the final gig is tomorrow. We'll have 7" records and CDs to give away. On stage at 8.30pm.

Hope to see you there!

Pocus Whiteface 16th October 2009

LAST EVER POCUS WHITEFACE GIG: This Saturday (17/10/09)


So the final gig is this Saturday. The line up's been finalised (get there for 8pm, we're on at 8.30pm) and the door charge is a measly £2, going straight to the good bands who'll be lugging equipment there and then letting us borrow it. Thanks guys!

Oh and the album's going to be called 'REALS' now. Thanks. 12th October 2009


Yeah, you read that right. After just over three years and with the rigours of an album recording behind us we're calling it a day. Pocus is all about the three of us having fun writing and playing together and when you're not all having fun doing that then it's time to call time.

We should have copies of the album to give away in some form on the night. It sounds amazing, it really does, but then we would say that, wouldn't we?

Thank you for listening and we'll see you there if you're free. :-)
Pocus Whiteface 7th October 2009

TOMORROW: we play The Grosvenor in Stockwell

Not much to say: Doors 7pm, we're on 8.30pm. There's Silent Front and Nitkowski (um, probably not spelled that way but I can't check from here) and a couple of other great bands playing.

It'll be great. See you then! 11th September 2009

Next Pocus Gig on Sat 12th Sept in Stockwell


Just a quick message to tell you we're playing the Grosvenor in Stockwell on Sat 12th September. It should be a great show. See the details below.

Pocus Whiteface 28th August 2009

We're playing this Friday at the Cross Kings


Not much else to say, is there? We've a couple of new songs to play so it should be good. We'd love to see you out.

Pocus Whiteface 5th August 2009

Next gig is at The Cross Kings in Kings Cross

Hi All,

Bush hall was a blast. We put some videos up on our YouTube at but the sound's a bit muffled. Still, it looks great. Theo has never had quite so much sweat pouring down his face and is now considering a headband. There will also be some photos from Grania going up on the Flickr page soon:

It's on 7th August and we're not sure if we're upstairs or downstairs there I think but it should be a great gig nonetheless, both parts of the place having their charms.

We worked on a new set last night so we've got a couple of brand new songs to preview (we'll put them up on MySpace if we have good enough demos from last night) and have mixed things up a bit. But it'll be every bit as slick as previously - take that how you will!

Pocus Whiteface 31st July 2009

We're playing Bush Hall TOMORROW (22/07/09)

Hi mailing list,

Not much more to say. Full details below and we hope to see you tomorrow.

Pocus Whiteface 21st July 2009

We're playing Bush Hall on Wednesday (22nd July)


Just a gentle reminder that we're headlining a gig at Bush Hall on Wednesday with our good friends Tessellators and a band we've not played with before, called The Rifle Volunteer.

Bush Hall's a pretty amazing venue and the flyer's pretty amazing too. We still have some £3 guest list places free if people want them.

Pocus Whiteface 16th July 2009

Bush Hall, 22nd July - final information - £3 guest list

Hello mailing list,

The gig at Bush Hall on Wed 22nd July has now been finalised and full details are below. We'll be headlining and doors are at 7.30 so I'd guess we'll be on somewhere between 9.30 and 10.

Price on the door will be £7 but you don't have to pay that: pre-booked tickets are £6 and it'll be £5 on the door with a flyer.

But you don't have to pay that either because we have 15 £3 guest list places, so email us back if you want to be put on the £3 list, first come first served.

Pocus Whiteface 8th July 2009

Next gig is BUSH HALL on 22nd July

Hey hey,

Pocus is about to embark on some summer holidays but we'll be back with a gig at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush. Something of an amazing venue to be playing and we'd like to see as many of you down there as possible because otherwise it's going to seem very empty...And our friends TESSELLATORS will be playing and they're incredible. INCREDIBLE!!!

Thank you for your support.
Pocus 26th June 2009

We play the Camden Head tomorrow


Full details below. Entry is £4 or £3 if you buy your ticket via the WeGotTickets link:

As it's a pay to enter gig we'll be giving the Chuck Yeager EP away for free again. Can't say fairer than that, eh?

Pocus Whiteface 17th June 2009

Pocus Play Camden


Next Thursday (18th June) we're playing Camden in a pub called the Camden Head, on Camden High Street. Is that enough Camden for one gig? I hope so. Should be a blast. We're on about 9.30.

Also we're finishing off an album right now and have 11 tracks spanning 29 mins and 15 seconds. But it won't be available next week but the EP will be for those who've not yet got it. Unless the gig turns out to be free (and I'm pretty sure it isn't) we'll be giving the EPs away to all who want one.

So, see you next Thursday.

Pocus Whiteface 9th June 2009

Pocus play the grosvenor!

Hi, This Thursday we're playing a gig in south London. See below for details. Cheers 19th May 2009

Theo running Silver Rocket this Friday at the Buffalo Bar


Just a quick note to say that this Friday is Silver Rocket Friday and because Rachel and Andy are away at ATP, Theo is sorting out the bands and DJs and keeping things running. There's also a Pocus gig in a couple of weeks in South London at the Gosvenor on 21st. Full details of that also below.


Friday 15th May 2009

The Buffalo Bar, Highbury Corner, 259 Upper St London, N1


Gum Takes Tooth
Wow, that's one COLOURFUL myspace page.
Jussi Brightmore
Thomas Fuglesang
Simmons SDS-3 drum synthesiser
It's something like Lightning Bolt, I guess but with extra electronics and general madness. Check the stuff out on the MySpace and be amazed.

Okay, you guys remember the Optimist Club, right? Well Bryn is in a new band and this is the new band. I've heard a track and they sound great. If you liked Optimist Club you should still be liking this. There's a bunch of tracks there to listen to. *** Note I did a spoonerism or whatever and put Lowmatron before. BUH! ***

The Contortionists
They describe themselves better than anyone else could: "They are 3 Englishmen, 1 Aussie gal and 1 Pablo. They have successfully grappled with the thorny history of irony/learnt a few notes on ze geetar/enjoy spewing a toxic concoction of sarcasm and elitism through the medium of dissonant, squalling protest musik and clever-dick lyrics for achingly postmodern rubes and tricky bitches. Please enjoy the sounds of the gross saints of the protest scene, cocks!"

The Entire Asian Population
A sort of supergroup that includes members of Oroku Saki and at least one part of the entire Asian population of the planet. May have vocals, may not, may make some stuff up on the spot but it'll be loud and it will rock, believe me.

DJs? Well I will be attempting not to DJ so you can all feel better about that. Oroku Saki will be DJing and probably some other people who I can con into helping out.

There might even be another band added to bill if we get some confirmations.

COSTS: £6 or £4 with a flyer or if you sign up here. I'll be taking down the attendees

Or you can join the Silver Rocket Mailing List by close of business on Thursday from here:
Silver Rocket Club Myspace
and that'll do you.

Facebook event link:

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 13th May 2009

Pocus Play Tomorrow including CD giveaway!

Just a reminder that tomorrow we're playing Bad Friday tomorrow, which also happens to be Good Friday. It's at the Windmill and full details are below. Note the free BBQ (which won't be spoiled by weather issues, so far as I am aware) and our early stage time of 5pm.

More importantly, our new old EP is finally available in CD form. We had the limited edition 10" discs about for a while but now it's a proper CD release in some rather fine fold out packaging, on a 'real' CD from a glass master, etc. etc. Anyeay because you'll be paying to attend we'll be giving them away for free, so come down if you want one.

Pocus Whiteface 9th April 2009

Bad Friday on Good Friday


The flyer's now here. Come and see us at the Windmill and have some of the free BBQ that's on there. It should be a great night...well except we'll be on in the afternoon so that will be great too. Info below:

Pocus Whiteface 5th April 2009

Pocus Play the Windmill on Good Friday


The Hackney Empire was pretty special. We had to play so quietly that people could have a conversation over us but we like to think it made a better band of us. Somehow Uncle Pedro rocked like mad in spite of the sound control so all in all it was amazing. Photos are up on our publicly viewable Facebook page (linked at the top of the website).

Meantime, we're playing again on Good Friday. We're the first band on (at about 5pm) and there's a free BBQ and lots of other bands. Come along. Full details below. It should be lots of fun.

Pocus Whiteface 1st April 2009

Tomorrow - Pocus Whiteface @ Marie Lloyd bar


Tomorrow we play Hackney. See you there. 8.30pm is when the first band's on and it's either us or Uncle Pedro but we're not sure yet.

Pocus 27th March 2009

Gig this Saturday (28th) and new Website


Gig details are below. It's us and Uncle Pedro playing Hackney. Should be mega-fun. Meanwhile there's also the new website. We've been tweaking and updating it and it's actually been up for a few weeks but we didn't send any emails out and there weren't any graphics at first really.

However, it's now looking about right. The releases, songs and videos have all been updated too with full lyrics and information and so forth so have a look over it.

Pocus 23rd March 2009

Thanks to all who came on Tuesday - Giant Isopod album is released!


Tuesday was pretty damn amazing. Early on one of Elks asked me if it was going to be full and I replied that I didn't think so, given the weather and, it being a Tuesday night and The Miller seemingly never that popular. Thankfully I was proved very wrong. It was full of people and we played a good gig, though somewhat overshadowed by the majesty of Bad Guys (playing Catch on Wed 11th) and the amazing Elks. Anyway, thanks to those of you who could make it. A great evening.

Meanwhile, Pagan Wanderer Lu's new album is finally in the can (check that link for a rather fine microsite), so he was able to turn his attention back to the long-awaited Giant Isopod album that we have a track on. You probably saw the video when we uploaded it a year ago and you'll have definitely heard the track at our gigs so now you can download it and the rest and enjoy the album in full. See below for the link.

Theo 5th March 2009

Tomorrow we play The Miller with Elks, Bad Guys and Jack Mountain

This information is complete as it stands with the title. Tomorrow being Tuesday 3rd March. The Miller being a place down near London Bridge Station. The time being 8pm. The cost being £4. Yeah. 2nd March 2009

Pocus Whiteface + Elks, Bad Guys and Jack Mountain next Tuesday (3rd March)


Not much to say that the gig information doesn't already. This'll be at The Miller, which is down by London Bridge. You can take the road that goes through the middle of the hospital and you're practically there. We'll be upstairs and it'll be fun. Between band music from our good friend MalkovichMalkovich. It'll be great! 23rd February 2009

Elks, Bad Guys, Jack Mountain and Us!

Need we say more?

Well, thanks to all of you who made our RoTa gig so amazingly fun first, and foremost. We're playing again with Jack Mountain on the 3rd March at The Miller. It's on Snowsfields Street, behind the hospital at London Bridge. We've played there a bunch of times now. See below for the full details:
10th February 2009

We're playing RoTa on Saturday 7th February Afternoon - FREE

Yeah, RoTa. FREE and in the afternoon, 4pm 'til 8pm so you can still go off and party hard later. See below for the full details. 30th January 2009



We're playing Silver Rocket tomorrow. It should be great. Come down, it'll be a lot of fun. Cheers. 15th January 2009

+++ SILVER ROCKET and RoTa +++


We're playing Silver Rocket on Friday 16th January and we're sending this email on 8th January so sorry about the late notice. But hey, you were probably going anyway, yeah? YEAH! Good work.

And on Saturday 7th February from 4pm to 8pm we are playing and running RoTa, that's the free gig that happens every Saturday at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Just a heads up. It'll be with Jack Mountain and Action Beat.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 8th January 2009

Wed 7th Jan Gig - Guestlist note


Apparently we now need to send the guest list in on Monday 5th January not on the day of the gig. So we're just going to try to add everyone from the mailing list to it anyway. Unless we read the email address and it rings no bells and we can't work out a name from it.

Cheers, Theo 31st December 2008

We're playing The Water Rats on 7th January


Our first gig of the new year will be at Water Rats in King's Cross, right here:,-4.064941&sspn=14.30596,34.453125&ie=UTF8&z=16&g=WC1X+8BZ.

Normal entry price is a gob-smacking £8 but we've been given an unlimited £3 guestlist. So if you're going to come or you think you're going to come then email us back and we'll stick you on the list. It has to be in to them by 6.45pm on day we perform. We're on stage at the early time of 7.15pm. See below for other details.

Pocus Whiteface 22nd December 2008

We're playing this Sunday at the Hope & Anchor


After the fun of last night's gig at the Miller (cheers to those of you who made it down) we're feeling more positive about playing this Sunday. It's the Bing It On all-dayer at the Hope & Anchor in islington. Loads of bands and only a fiver to get in. We're on at 7pm sharp.

Cheers, Pocus whiteface. 11th December 2008

We're playing tomorrow


Tomorrow we're playing a fantastic gig at The Miller. You should come because it should be loud and great and The Miller were selling mulled wine last night which wasn't too bad.

We're also playing this Sunday at the all/half-dayer (however you like to think of these things) Christmas festival at the Hope & Anchor. We've been writing some new songs recently and preparing for an album so the two sets close together gives us a chance to try out more material.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 9th December 2008

Two weeks today Pocus Whiteface play The Miller to celebrate Mayors of Miyazaki's album release.

Hello, hello,

Yup we're playing The Miller again. This is possibly the fourth time we've played there now - it's a nice friendly place. Full details below excepting maybe how to get there: 96 Snowsfields SE1 3SS, which looks like this if you put it into Google Maps:,-4.064941&sspn=17.04698,34.760742&ie=UTF8&z=16&g=96+Snowsfields+SE1+3SS&iwloc=addr

As detailed below, this is to celebrate the Mayors of Miyazaki releasing their album 'Buffalo' and you can download the album for free to prepare yourself. We advise you doing so as it's great. Link below in the gig info.

Thanks, Pocus Whiteface 26th November 2008

Hey, Pocus Whiteface are still gigging.

We've just been a bit quiet recently. We were due to play a gig on 8th November for our friends at Pop-Art but sadly work has got in the way. But you should totally go down to The Fly on New Oxford Street to enjoy the bands that are still playing and have a great night in any case.

Meanwhile we've been recording new stuff using better methods and have been trying to get that all sounding nice and fluffy so we can call it an album. The next gigs will be in December on 10th December and the 14th December, one South and one North of the river: both with amazing bands. (Unless we get some other offers before then, obviously.)

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 25th October 2008

We're headlining Brixton Windmill on Monday 8th September


Us again. We've got a rather marvellous headline slot lined up for a little over a week away at the Brixton Windmill. Full details below.

There's a video from our performance last night and we'll be putting some stuff upon YouTube, Last.FM and Facebook soonish.

The Brixton Windmill Website

Cheers, Pocus 29th August 2008

We're playing the Bull & Gate tomorrow night.


We're on first. The other bands look great. Um. There you go.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 27th August 2008

See us play The Bull & Gate next Thursday


The only good thing about this sudden, dreadful abatement of good weather is that we get less sweaty on stage. We're not sure that's a tradeoff we like but there it is. So if things continue like this for the next 10 days you can look forward to a less sweaty Pocus Whiteface taking to the stage. Theo liked being sober on stage at The Miller so much he's going to try to keep things that way for this gig too, which should improve the playing.

We're playing Opposition T's monthly Traumattack night which is always a good line up. This month it includes Uncle Pedro, Gin Panic and Giant Paw, all of whom should be amazing. See below for details.

Thanks, Pocus Whiteface. 18th August 2008

Next Wednesday - We play The Miller with Epideme


Just a quick email to say we're back after a month playing in a bit of a dream line up, with Epideme and Scul Hazzards at The Miller. Full details below.

Oh and hey: thanks to all of you who made it down to our show at the Good Ship. It was great gig, despite Theo being too drunk to play properly, and throughly huge amounts of fun were had by all.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 30th July 2008

Next Thursday: Us, Tessellators, The Tupolev Ghost and Oroku Saki + Vinyl on sale


Cheers to anyone who made it down to Silver Rocket last Friday. That was actually our 30th gig and despite Theo snapping a string it seemed to go down well. Thanks to Rachel for putting us on and running everything solo for the first four hours until Andy could make it down to help out.

The full details of the gig next Thursday, 3rd July, are below. Take time to check the Flyer that we commissioned from a web comic artist in the States. We just sent her the details and she went wherever she wanted.

The Good Ship is in Kilburn right near Brondesbury Overground and just a bit farther from Kilburn Tube: should have some details for how to get there.

We won't be playing again for 3 or 4 weeks and we'll be playing some new songs we've debuted over the last couple of gigs. We'll try to get those up on the MySpace for preview today.

We'll also be selling our ultra-limited edition vinyl of the new EP at this gig. The CD version will be coming very soon and should be £2 but this version is £10. That said, it cost us a lot more to produce and that was with Doug and Kelly putting in maximum work for little or no payment in return. So here's the deal:

  • It's a 10" EP with five tracks, to be played at 45RPM but worth checking out at 33 1/3 for the kicks.

  • It was hand-lathed by Doug (who mastered our 7") down at Townhouse and only 15 were made and only 10 made available for sale.

  • Each has a unique outer bag sewn over many hours by our friend Kelly

  • Each one comes with a DVD of our videos, a CD version and a sheet with the background and lyrics to each song and the background to the record.

  • Shellac have a copy (because we sent them one as a gift).

  • Here's a (big) picture:

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 26th June 2008

Supplemental: Where is the Buffalo Bar?


It was pointed out to us that not everyone knows where the Buffalo Bar is and it's true that we normally put some sort of link to the venue in the email.

Anyway, the quick answer is that it's about 5 metres from the entrance of Highbury & Islington tube station to the entrance of the Buffalo Bar, since it is nestled underneath The Famous Cock, right there on Highbury Corner, N1. It still counts as Upper Street I think but it could easily be Holloway Road too.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 18th June 2008

Silver Rocket this Friday...And we're playing!

Hi All,

Thanks to those who made it out to our gig at the Good Ship last week. We're playing another gig this week and it's also our 30th gig. We're not sure if that's a significant milestone or not but it's there if you feel like celebrating it.

We've played for Silver Rocket before (and we're on the SR100 compilation set, which will be on sale there) but this is our first time at the normal Buffalo Bar venue. We're playing with three great bands and we're on first, details below. We'll be playing another new song it looks like.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 16th June 2008

We play sunny Kilburn tomorrow


It might not actually be sunny tomorrow and we'll be indoors and onstage about 9.30 so, in fact, there will be no sun involved. Glad that's clear. Doors are about 7.30 and the night kicks off at 8pm. Should be pretty quick changeovers between the bands. If you're about, come down and see us.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 9th June 2008

Pocus Whiteface play Silent Night on 10th June


A big thanks to those who made it down to the Miller to watch us and the inesteemable Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element, YouMeTheSwitch and Ripping Yarns. We'll be doing it all again next month but with some different bands and a different venue. Meanwhile, it's June and it's time to see Pocus Whiteface's slightly more anti-folk side.

We're playing the penultimate 'Silent Night', a regular monthly Tuesday slot put on by Paul Hawkins and Thee Awkward Silences. We're not entirely sure what 'anti-folk' means but apparently it is allowed to encompass our Pixies-like noise, Thee Awkward Silences' Nick-Cave-through-a-Marshall-stack melodies, Q Without U's (careful, now on that name) clever pop-tinged rock, and You & Me's folky niceties. And some surrealist poetry to kick proceedings off.

Anyway, should be a blast.
Cheers, Pocus Whiteface. 4th June 2008

Once more with the correct directions...

So this morning's email had a bad Google map link in it. Sorry about that.

Here is the proper full information:
The miller is located close to London Bridge and Borough Stations, at 96 Snowsfields Road , behind Guys Hospital .

There is an NCP car park near the pub.

The Miller

96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge

London SE1 3SS

And that working Google Maps link:

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 27th May 2008

TONIGHT: We host a gig at the Miller with Sunnyvale, YouMeTheSwitch and Ripping Yarns

Yeah, full details in the information below. We've picked these bands to play with us for a reason so you know tonight should be all about quality. Cheers. 27th May 2008

Right, all four bands for 27th May have been set

The information's below. It's a Tuesday after the Bank Holiday, it's at The Miller in London Bridge. It'll probably be a fiver due to overheads but we'll see if we can't drop it to £3 maybe. Cheers. 16th May 2008

Next gig: 27th May, meanwhile: watch our videos.


Will's on holiday at the moment so we're not doing a lot and then May is looking VERY busy, but this didn't stop us organising a night on our own. It'll be at the pub called 'The Miller' in London Bridge. The line up's not finalised yet, but see attached for current info.

Meanwhile, our 10" ultra-limited edition EP has seen the light of day. Not sure when we'll be officially selling it but we had some copies out on Easter Sunday so two have gone already. That means there are now only 80 left for sale at £10 each, including a CD version and a DVD of videos. There'll be a proper CD edition of the EP along too soon for sale at £2.

We also uploaded another new video for our song 'A Lurking Fear'. Click here for the YouTube version or go onto Facebook and watch it there in a much larger form, if you have a facebook account: Pocus Whiteface Facebook Page.

Pocus Whiteface 23rd April 2008

This Easter Sunday: We play on the Battersea Barge


Okay, this represents our last gig for a while unless someone has something up their sleeve they're about to offer us, and it should be a good one. We're playing a Brit-Pop themed night and, as such, we'll be adding an appropriate cover to our usual set. Come down and enjoy the other bands, lots of Brit-Pop and general mad fun.

Pocus Whiteface 18th March 2008

Sunday: We cover some Neil Young in our set at the Windmill

Good Afternoon,

Well, yesterday's gig ran on a bit late but we had a great time so thanks to those that could come. We managed to burn through six songs in about 17.5 minutes so presumably everyone loves a band that just gets up there and does it. So on to new gigs:

This Sunday, On Fire have asked us to play their Neil Young-themed night at the Windmill. Doors are at 5pm and entry's a fiver. All bands have been asked to do two normal lengthed Neil Young songs or one big one. We'll be doing ours with the help of some friends, we hope. So there you have it: Pocus Whiteface featuring GUEST MUSICIANS. Should be a good one.

Pocus Whiteface 28th February 2008

Wednesday Night: We're playing Kentish Town


We had a great gig in Luton at the George 2nd so our thanks to John and the staff there, and to the amazing 'Please' who we shared the stage with.

Our next gig is in Kentish Town where we're playing with our friends from Colossus again at the free night at the Verge with five other acts.

We're also playing this Sunday at a Neil Young themed Brixton Windmill bash, where we'll be playing two Neil Young Covers. We'll send emails out about that nearer the time.

Pocus Whiteface 25th February 2008

We play Luton tonight! With Wander Phantom and PLEASE

It should be a good gig but given I think that no one on this list lives anywhere near Luton we're thinking attendance based on this email will be small... :)

Meantime we're also playing next week on Wednesday at the Bullet Bar so pencil that one in if you can't make tonight.

If you want to see a bigger version of the Giant Isopod video we've put it up on our Facebook page and you should be able to view this without any need to sign up to Facebook:

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 22nd February 2008

NEW VIDEO! Plus: We play Luton next Friday and London the week after


Yeah, next Friday we're playing Luton at a pub called the George 2nd, right by the train station. The trains back to London run as late as 2am according to TheTrainLine and the journey's only about 30 mins.

Meanwhile, we've just done the video for our song about Giant Isopods for the forthcoming compilation, themed about these sea creatures. It stars Dom from Brontosaurus Chorus, some surfing on a guitar and general craziness. Viewable here:
or here
Pocus Whiteface Last.FM page

We're playing London on 27th March also, at the Bullet Bar in Kentish Town, formerly the Verge, with Colossus and then on the 2nd March we're playing a Neil Young themed big event at the Windmill where we'll be doing a couple of covers of his (and consequently not playing as much of our material).

Pocus Whiteface
15th February 2008

Pocus Whiteface are playing Luton (and other information)


Long time, no email. First thanks to everyone who could make it down to our last gig of 2007 - the Silver Rocket New Year spectacular. We painted those white masks up we wore the gig before and then left them lying around when we'd finished. This resulted in a member of the bar staff collecting glasses while wearing Will's piratical version, which pleased us greatly.

We've not done much in January so we're about to start hassling promoters for more gigs. We do have two this month, however. The first is in Luton, at a pub called George 2nd, which is right by the train station apparently and it's on a Friday night: 22nd February. So if you can come then we'd love to see you there. Otherwise, we're playing the following Wednesday at the Bullet Bar (formerly the Verge) with our friends from Colossus again.

In other news, we're doing a video for our song about Giant Isopods or Bathynomus Giganteus, starring Dom from Brontosaurus Chorus. It's going to involve some live footage badly synched, some green screen filming badly dropped over beach backdrops and some bad animation. In short, it'll be AMAZING!

Finally, the 10"s for the new EP, "I'll Give You A Buck If You Chuck Chuck Yeager Under The Chin", have all been cut by our good friend Doug and Kelly has almost finished sewing the bags for them. Not sure what they'll be but looks likely to be £10 each, but then there'll only be 10 of them for sale. After that it'll be CD/download only. We're not taking any pre-orders on these as we're not even sure how we'll go about selling them as yet.

Pocus Whiteface 31st January 2008

Pocus Play Silver Rocket New Years and are on the Pop-Art Charity Compilation


Just a quick email to remind you that Pocus Whiteface are playing Silver Rocket club this New Year's Eve at the Bull & Gate. Full details here:

We're also appearing on the 'Covered at Christmas' compilation that Pop-Art have put together. Our cover of Brontosoraus Chorus' song 'Now We're Making Out' is appearing alongside stuff from most of the bands that have graced Pop-Art's club nights, every band covering a song by another Pop-Art band. The album is a download only once you've donated to charity. See here:

If you want to preview the song there's a video version - our music overdubbed onto the Brontos playing the song live - at our YouTube page:

Pocus Whiteface 19th December 2007

We're live this Sunday at the 12-Bar

Yeah, the 12-Bar club, home of a strange stage that's a bit too high for the audience in the stalls and a bit too low for the audience in the cicle. Anyway, it's a thing organised by Enterprise Studios (round the back of the venue) where six bands just arrive, plug in and play. And this means we have absolutely no idea who's playing alongside us.

Bearing all this in mind and the fact that it's a Sunday we elected to play first so we'll be onstage at 7.15 pm SHARP! Doors are actually at 6pm and I've been told that entry is a cool £3.

Meanwhile, in other news we've been interviewed by Rock'n'Roll nonsense and you can read it by following this link: Enjoy the slightly odd disparity of the answers thanks to us electing to answer each question without any consultation with the other members.

Oh and the new, as yet untitled, EP is coming. It's going to be available on hand-lathed 10" vinyl in a cloth outer bag, ultra limited to only ten copies and also on CD and stuff. Does that sound good? We hope so.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 19th November 2007

Lots of Pocus Whiteface news...and our last two gigs of 2007


Well, last two unless we get one of those surprise offers that come about every now and again. Anyway, that's for later. First: news.

We're on the newly released SR100 CD celebrating 100 editions of Silver Rocket club! This is a 3CD release with 72 different tracks on there, one of them being a new mix of Pound the Flesh we've done specially for this release that's louder, a touch faster and more interesting than the one we put out on the EP at the start of the year. On top of that there are obviously 71 other tracks by amazing bands, including most of the best bands we've played with. It's £8 at Silver Rocket gigs and at our gigs, or a bit more if you order it online. It comes in a really cool silver embossed box too. We've put a section up dedicated to it here which includes a full track listing:

We've also started doing a little 'covers' side project and the first two tracks are available to download. Expect something not entirely Pocus-like as we cover the looped hooks of Junkplanet II and the electronic noise scapes of Dino!Soars. Full details here:

We've recorded a third cover, this time of the tweecore band Brontosaurus Chorus and that should be coming out on a download-only charity album in December - more details to follow.

Finally, we're playing a gig on Sun 25th November (details at the end of this email) and then we're playing the Silver Rocket New Years Eve bash at the Bull & Gate on 31st December. Due to various holidays we've not got much time to play any other dates in November or December so that's likely to be the only other dates we do in 2007.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 30th October 2007

This Sunday: Superman Revenge Squad now on the bill


Okay, we've now got four bands playing on Sunday. Superman Revenge Squad will be starting the night at 8.15 and then we'll be going on stage. Not sure when precisely but presumably somewhere between 8.45 and 9pm.

Should be a good show as Bearcub are fantastic and Codes in the Clouds should be good too. Oh and we've corrected the Brixton Windmill website link now. *sigh*

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 18th October 2007

We're playing this Sunday in Brixton with Bearcub


Thanks to those of you who made it down to our gig last night. It ran a little late but that was all cool. Gamages impressed us with their full-on live set and somehow fitting seven people onto a tiny stage...

Anyway, we're playing again this Sunday at the Brixton Windmill, full details below. The line up should be great: we played with Bearcub before and really loved their set and since then we've been playing the EP and it's great stuff. You can get tickets in advance for £3.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 15th October 2007

We play Soho this Sunday!


Our next gig is this Sunday and it's FREE. What more could you possible want? We're headlining, on stage about 9.30. Full details below. Thanks.

Pocus Whiteface 12th October 2007

Next gig is Sunday 14th October + Silver Rocket 100 news

Hi all,

Our next gig is the day after the Silver Rocket 100 spectacular at Imperial College - check Silver Rocket MySpace. We're going to be on the CD compilation they're doing as part of this with a new, alternative recording of Pound the Flesh. There are 70 other tracks on there over 3CDs or something so you should definitely buy this thing as soon as you can. Probably about half the bands we've played with over the last year will be on there.

So this gig we're playing should be a good comedown affair: it starts about 5pm at Jrink, right in the heart of Soho and it's FREE. We're playing with College Pinks, Deepcut and Gamages Model Train Club.

Also, our 7" record is now available at Norman Records (, where the staff have also taken time to give it a spin and a thumbs up. Fantastic. Stop by, add it to the cart and pick up some other quality stuff while you're there. Oh and if you spot the Gringo records travelling record store at a gig then there'll be a few copies to pick up there.

Cheers, Pocus whiteface.

P.S. It was pointed out that in the last mailout the link to the Just Gimme Indie Rock blog wasn't actually correct. Here it is this time: Rest assured that tempting as it was, that link won't be going to goatse. 5th October 2007

We're on stage at 8pm sharp this Wednesday - and a review of our 7"

It's at the Bullet Bar, formerly The Verge and we're up first. There are five other bands behind us so it's strictly 25 min sets each. We'll be playing some all new songs on this one, and a couple we don't normally play. If you were at our Silver Rocket gig there won't be a lot of crossover here apart from a few favourites. See the info at the end of this email.

Meanwhile, a couple of blogs have been good to us over the last few weeks. The other day Rock'n'Roll nonsense posted this great review of the 7": - it's a great blog and worth reading. Meanwhile the Just Gimme Indie Rock blog also found time to give everyone a headsup on our free EP: Another blog that's worth perusing if you're into good music.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 24th September 2007

Next Gig: Wednesday 26th September


Thanks to everyone who made it down on Friday. We had a great time and hope you enjoyed it too.

We're playing again on Wednesday at the Bullet Bar, formerly 'The Verge' in Kentish Town. Easiest to get to by taking a left out of Camden Town tube and just keep walking up, and it's there on your left.

We're playing with a bunch of other bands and I think everyone will have about a 25 minute set. We'll be playing some brand new stuff too.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 20th September 2007

Tonight: We play Silver Rocket


Seems our stage time is 9.45pm. First act on at 9 and then Reigns are on after us. Aside from that it's all Silver Rocket fun. Come down to Camden. Full details below. 14th September 2007

This Friday: We play Silver Rocket in Camden


Full details below. I don't think there's anything to add. But we're excited!

Pocus Whiteface 11th September 2007

Next gig: Silver Rocket on Friday 14th September


Thursday's gig in Brixton went really well and while Reading/Leeds Festival combined with the Victoria Line being iffy thinned the numbers, it was a case of quality before quantity with the crowd. Both Chinwag and Mayors of Miyazaki (or however it's spelt) were excellent and no instruments fell apart during the set.

Coming up is another gig for Silver Rocket, this time in Camden. It seems they're looking to start up a second night of the month again and this is one of the testers. So we're playing The Enterprise, supporting the fantastic 'Reigns' and it's Silver Rocket club afterwards 'til the wee hours with all the associated great music and fun and so forth. I guess there'll probably be another band added to the bill also.

Pocus Whiteface 28th August 2007

Tonight: We're on at 8.15!!


Chef Assassin have pulled out and rather than run the night as late as planned, given the tubes are closing by 10pm on the Victoria Line on week days, the whole thing's been moved forward.

That means we're no on first and on at 8.15. Well it'll probably be more like 8.30, but if you're coming you should aim for 8.15 just to be on the safe side, eh?

Pocus Whiteface 23rd August 2007

This THURSDAY: FREE GIG in Brixton

Thank all of you who could make it down to our incredibly fun and loud night at the Pool Bar last week. It was a good send off for the fantastic Veee Deee and Heapy gave us one of their best gigs for sure.

But now it's on to new gigs and this time it's South London again and FREE so if you're out that way then come and see us. We're on second and doors at 8pm so we guess we're on about 9ish maybe as early as 8.45 so suggest you get there for 8pm and see the first band who'll be excellent and take it from there. Okay? Cheers

Pocus Whiteface 20th August 2007

Gig TOMORROW at the Pool Bar


So it should run like this:
8pm: Tim Holehouse doing something solo
8.30ish: Us, Pocus Whiteface.
9.15ish: Heapy!
10.00ish: VeeeDeee

It'll probably run later than that, such is the way of these things but we want to try to give VeeeDeee time enough whig out a bit if that's how they're feeling.

Also in our 'merch' corner will be:
Our 7" single for £3, which includes a CD with audio and MP3s of both the 7" and our free EP A Watch Means Conditions Are Favourable
"I think we should commit it to tape", a one-off free cassette-only release of odd rehearsal takes and demos, of which there will be 10 available to pick up.
Demo #2 which we're going to be retiring shortly when we've completed Demo #3 (tracks on MySpace at the moment).

Okay, cheers: Pocus Whiteface.

See below for gig details. 13th August 2007

Gig this Tuesday (14th) with VeeeDeee from Tokyo, Heapy and Stupid Computer! DJing


We're putting another gig on at the Pool Bar in order to get a chance to play with the loud and amazing VeeeDeee over from Tokyo, and we're also getting to play with the loud and amazing Heapy who are based here in London.

We're got Stupid Computer! DJing for us and Tim Holehouse will be opening. It should be great and it's only going to cost two pounds. Just the two! So come down and make your Tuesday evening more enjoyable.

Pocus Whiteface 10th August 2007

We're putting a gig on Tuesday 14th August


Our friends in VeeeDeee are over from Tokyo on a tour so we decided to run a gig with them. We put something on at the Pool Bar back in April and we enjoyed it enough to come back and do it all over again. So far it's us, VeeeDeee and Tim Holehouse, but we're trying to sort out a fourth act.

The Pool Bar is on Curtain Road, postcode: EC2A 3AH - just feed it into Google Maps. See below for full details.

Pocus Whiteface 8th August 2007

TONIGHT! We play the Bull & Gate


We're onstage at 8.30 sharp. If you're free come down as after us are three great bands. See the friends of Opposition T (MySpace page) for information about them. Grab the flyer, linked below. All other details below.

Thank you,
Pocus Whiteface 26th July 2007

Hello: We play an Opposition T night on Thursday 26th


Yup, in one week's time we are set to play the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town and this is for Opposition T, who make a habit of reviewing bands and then run a monthly night where they ask the good ones to play for them.

We'd really like to see you down there if you can come because the more people there, the more chance the Opposition T guys have of being able to keep running these nights and also because, frankly, it should be three quality bands (and us!) that are worth catching.

If there's no flyer up yet there will be one soon. Cheers.
Pocus Whiteface 19th July 2007



Just a little remind that in two days Pocus Whiteface will be playing the Lark in the Park, headling the PopArt Weekender's Friday night bash which means on stage about 10.00pm. There are a bunch of great bands playing with us, including MJ Hibbett and while hunting about we found this YouTube: showing him playing a cover Boom! Shake the Room on Yukele. Brilliant.

Full details below. See you Friday.

Pocus Whiteface 11th July 2007

Next gig: Friday 13th July


Cheers to anyone who made it down to the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes last month. In fact we had planned to play a couple more gigs in June but regrettably these things fell through. So our next gig is a week Friday at the Lark in the Park. It's part of a big Pop-Art festival at the Lark in the Park pub on Copenhagen Street, N1. There are three nights of great music and we're headlining the first: Friday 13th.

On top of that we completed another video the other day. You can either go to our website and check out the video for This Room Spins in the videos section or you can view it at our YouTube or Last.FM pages.

Pocus Whiteface 3rd July 2007

This Sunday: FREE GIG!

Hi there,

So this Sunday we play for free at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes as part of the grunge-themed Pop-Art show, "SubPopArt". It's running from 3pm until 11pm and it's FREE.

All the bands are playing a grunge-tinged cover and we're doing the Afghan Whigs' I'm Her Slave from the Congregation album. Additionally, Theo will be playing drums in the Dinosaur Jr. covers band "Jr. Dinosaur Jr." near the start of proceedings.

Come down. We still have our 7" for sale and we'll probably have some demo CDs to give away too. Gig details below:

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 8th June 2007

Next Gig: Sun 10th June: FREE! (and a new site design)

Hi There,

We're back with the Pop-Art guys and this gig's a free one. The theme is 'SubPop', so all things 'grunge era' can be expected. All the bands are doing a suitable cover and we're busy practicing our choice...which we'll reveal as soon as we're sure we can play it!

Meanwhile we've finished overhauling the website so you should find looks considerably cleaner. It also has more content with links to our videos and details of the EP and that 7" single we're now selling: heavyweight black vinyl!

Details for gig are below, as ever. Oh and make sure you check the flyer out.

Pocus Whiteface 1st June 2007

Next Gig: Sun 10th June: SubPopArt - FREE!!

Hi There,

We're back with the Pop-Art guys and this gig's a free one. The theme is 'SubPop', so all things 'grunge era' can be expected. All the bands are doing a suitable cover and we're busy practicing our choice...which we'll reveal as soon as we're sure we can play it!

Details below, as ever. Oh and make sure you check the flyer out.

Pocus Whiteface 1st June 2007

Turnmills - TONIGHT - On stage 9.30 sharp

Sorry for the delay in getting emails out to you all. Probably caused by the fact that we've been working on the site a little and had to update this section last.

In any case: tonight we play Turnmills. Details and flyer link below. Come along and we'll be able to sell you our 7" glossy vinyl thing of pleasure.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 23rd May 2007

Next gig: Wed 23rd May and we have our single for sale

Hi there,

We've had a few weeks' break thanks to holidays but we're (almost) back. The next gig will be at Turnmills on Wed 23rd May. Doors at 7.30pm, us on stage at 9.15pm, £6 on the door or £5 with a flyer.

If there's not a flyer link attached then it'll be up at the site SOON, I assure you. Also we don't know who we're playing with at yet (true story) so we can't say anything about them.

But enough of this:

Our single is finished and available for sale!

There's actually nothing on the website about it yet for which the webmaster (cough) apologises. A new site is coming soon that will have more information. It has two tracks: But It's Home and This Room Spins. A bunch of you might well have versions of these two on the original demo we gave out but these are much better performances and recordings, specially mastered by our friend Doug to sound great on a big slab of 7" heavyweight vinyl.

And for those of you who don't have a turntable or who can't convert the music, they'll each come with a CDR that plays in your stereo and has the MP3s on it; and the MP3s from A Watch Means Conditions Are Favourable to boot.

In short: Gig on Wed 23rd May at Turnmills where you can also buy our 7". We sell it for £3 normally but as you'll all have paid to get into the gig there's always a chance of us being a bunch of pushovers and cheapening it for you loyal gig-goers. Yeah.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 9th May 2007

Mon 16th April: We are putting on a show

Hi there,

Yeah, on Monday 16th April we're putting a show on at the Pool Bar, us personally, so if you could make it down we'd be eternally grateful because we want it to be a success.

And so, as reward, you'll get to see at least two other fantastic bands: The experimental Godspeed meets electronica noise that is Junkplanet, and the quite brilliant post-rock soundscapes of Part Rocket. Obviously we'll be playing too. There might be a fourth band if we can swing someone good we like too.

Full details below. Cheers. 5th April 2007

This Saturday we play The Grosvenor in Stockwell + Video now online.


For only £3 pounds you get to see us and four other bands slicing the world of genres beginning 'post-' many different ways. They're all great. Some feature ex-members of sadly departed great bands.

Doors are 7.45 apparently and we're on first so I'm guessing you should all be aiming to get there for 8pm. Yes. 8pm! That's the baby.

We're planning to play a set of mostly new material this time. There'll be two songs we've never done live before and some stuff we've neglected recently.

Video for 'A Beach, a Flag, a Doctrine' now on-line

Yup, if you can get yourself to then you'll see the video for A Beach, a Flag, a Doctrine is now online. It took a few weeks to put together in spare time so I hope you all enjoy it.

Cheers 28th March 2007

Our gig on Thursday at Catch is FREE!

Hello, hello,

We're on stage about 9pm, upstairs. Then it's four other bands alternating downstairs and up for maximum fun. The other bands are great, the venue's great and the DJs are great. Um. COME ALONG! Yes. :D See below: 20th March 2007

We play Catch on Kingsland road next Thursday (22nd March)

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say thanks to those of you who could make it down to our last gig at The Grosvenor. The next gig on the cards for us is at Catch, 22 Kingsland Road, roughly equidistant from Old Street and Liverpool Street tubes. So far as I know we're on first, downstairs, but I've had to guess the door time at 7.30 because I have no details as yet beyond that.

Also, the EP is still available for free from Hremig and there are four new demo tracks for download at Last.FM if you want recordings of new stuff.

Cheers 15th March 2007

New FREE EP available and a gig THIS THURS 8th March


The title says most of what we'd like to say, really. Our new EP is now available from, for free we might add including some rather nice artwork designed by Tim who runs the netlabel.

Just follow the Hremig link and then click through to 'Releases' and click on the cover of our EP, A Watch Means Conditions Are Favourable. You'll have to download each track separately, right-clicking on the title and then selecting 'save as...' There are two other releases available and it's worth grabbing them too, though they're by other people so don't be expecting any 'pocus action'.

Five of the the tracks on the EP were previously given away by us on the CD and could be got from MySpace and the website, but get this: these versions are new and much better recordings so grab them even if you think you already have them. There's also an extra track which we liked from an old rehearsal recording.

Finally there is the matter of our upcoming gig which is this Thursday, 8th March. See below for full details.

Cheers, Pocus Whiteface 2nd March 2007

Next Pocus Whiteface gig is Thu 8th March 2007


It's been a while since our last gig and in the interim we've been recording and writing new material. Pretty soon we should have a new 6-track EP available for free download from, which will have new recordings of five of the tracks from our demo CD and an extra track from an old rehearsal session. We'll email you when that's available.

In the meantime, we'd really like to see you all at the next gig because we like you all so much and we're sure (hoping?) that you've missed us in the last month and a half. Also it's in south London, but not too far south: only as far as Stockwell, which means easy to get to on either the Northern Line or the Victoria Line, so that should mean all of you who shun 'north of the river' action can come down.

Full details below and there's even a link to the flyer. 21st February 2007

A quick update on future Pocus stuff.


First, cheers to everyone who could make it down to the Silver Rocket gig last Saturday.This is just an update on what we're doing:

- The next gig will be at the Grosvenor in Stockwell on Thursday 8th March and this is one of those ones where we're going to beg for your attendance if you can possibly make it. Oh yes...

- We're soon going to have Demo #2 available to download over at Last.FM. The orignial seven track one can be grabbed there from our page here: or from our website here: This demo will be four new tracks we've been working on and playing in the last few sets.

- Also soon will be a release through FREE netlabel of an EP including four or five of the songs from the first demo but in new recordings that are, frankly, far better because we've had half a dozen gigs to improve and play through them and also four months to hone the recording technique. There will also be a bonus track, something from rehearsals that we don't think we'll ever put out live.

In the meantime, four of the re-recordings for the HREMIG release can be streamed on the MySpace player.

Pocus Whiteface 25th January 2007

Last minute gig THIS SATURDAY for FREE!


Well last weekend we played East London and this weekend it's the turn of West London. We're replacing the excellent Collapse, who've had to pull out of the Silver Rocket curated RoTa (Rough Trade) afternoon at the Notting Hill Arts Club.

The times for each band haven't been set yet so we don't know when we're on, but all four bands are worth seeing so just get there for 4.45pm. The bands have to be done by about 7.30pm and then there'll be half an hour of Silver Rocket DJs before everyone gets chucked out and the latino dancing begins.

So: it's FREE and then you STILL have the evening left to party hard should you wish it. Win/Win, we think you'll find. 18th January 2007

Gig TOMORROW in Whitechapel

Okay, full details down below plus flyer link, etc.


12th January 2007

Pocus Whiteface play the George Tavern in Whitechapel on Sat 13th Jan


Come and see our first gig of 2007. It's in Whitechapel and for the wonderous people at Redheaded Stepchild records. Details below.

Thank you, thank you. 6th January 2007

Next Pocus Whiteface gig: 3PM Sat 30th Dec - the Pop-Art NYE Boycott

The gig info below is fairly self-explanatory I hope. Everything should be in order. Except the link to the flyer. Our tech-gnomes have been lazy over christmas and haven't fixed the localised URL oversight in the code. WHAT DOES THIS GOBBLEDEGOUK MEAN? It means you can also find a flyer here: and that should work better than the link at the bottom of the email. All else is true.

28th December 2006

Tomorrow: FREE gig for Pocus Whiteface

Yeah, tomorrow is still FREE. NOTE IT. Doors will be at 7.30 I think. Well depending on set up times and soundchecks. And then there'll be the four bands on.

Not sure of stage times. Maybe us first maybe [pockets]. In between there'll likely be Belt Motel and then A Child Rasputin. Get the impression we have no idea what's going on? Who cares. It's free. See below for all the info! 12th December 2006

Next Pocus Whiteface gig: Wed 13th December - FREE!

Yes indeed. It's costing us money but we don't care because for you lovely people it's going to be free.

We're joined on this one by our old favourites [pockets] who provided our first gig. Also on the bill are couple of great acts personally selected by [pockets] because they bullied us and told us our taste REALLY SUCKED!

I am lying. Or am I?

Anyway come along, yeah? Details below.

Theo 29th November 2006

Cheers for your support. Next Pocus Whiteface gig on 13th December


This is really just a quick thank you to all of you who were able to make it out for our gig: we really appreciated the attendance. Last thing on a Sunday is never much fun to drag yourself out for, so hopefully Monday wasn't as suicidal is it could have been due to hangovers/lack of sleep. Our next gig is on 13th December. Details below: 7th November 2006

Sunday - yes THIS Sunday. A gig. Come along!


It's me again. Just a quick 'final' reminder (okay, there might be another on Sunday, you never know) to say that we are playing at the Bull & Gate this Sunday. A gig. Right. So the full information follows.

Oh and this time the links at the bottom of the email should work. Yup. 3rd November 2006

Okay, gig tomorrow and a NEW WEBSITE


Tomorrow we play Brixton FOR FREE!!! See below for details. Meanwhile, we've now got active. A new site design is coming soon but in the meantime, enjoy.

Pocus whiteface

Next Pocus Whiteface Gig: Sun 5th Nov


You are receiving this because you either know what Pocus Whiteface is already or you know me (Theo Graham-Brown), Will Heaven and/or Joe Scannell. This is the inaugral email for our new mailing list. You can leave the list (check the bottom of this email) if you wish. The main site is not quite with us yet. Also, I am avoiding using an apostrophe here in case it looks weird in the email, so sorry for the formality. Down below you should also get full information on this upcoming gig.
I am off on holiday for a few weeks in the southern hemisphere a few days after this gig, so for those who know me this might be a good time to see me before international terrorists blow me up. Maybe. So to recap: PLEASE COME TO OUR BONFIRE NIGHT GIG! Yes. Cheers.

Theo (on behalf of Pocus Whiteface)